The Great British Mailbox

August 1, 2018 - 4 minutes read

The need to have everything at our fingertips has only made our already fast paced lifestyles even faster, and in business it’s no different. Gone are the days where letters, quotes and invoices are sent through the post, heck, even phone calls are becoming “old fashioned”! Emails have become the main form of communication for most businesses around the world and with over 205 billion emails sent and received per day in 2015 (source Radicati Group), it’s clear to see why having a reliable and suitable email system for your business is so important.

At Expert Tech we have a range of email solutions to suit all requirements and budgets, however our Exchange Mailbox options are our most popular and most recommended, and we’ve explained why:

Emails on the go – If you find yourself checking your emails when you’re out and about, or even at home, you would benefit from an email system that allows you to sync your emails, contacts and calendar across all your devices. For this we would recommend our UK Hosted Exchange Mailboxes. So whether you email from your phone, laptop or tablet, your emails will always be with you.

Large attachments – Sending large attachments via email can be frustrating, as most standard mailboxes will only allow you to send files that are no more than 5MB. With our Hosted Exchange Mailboxes, you can send files up to 25MB in size!

Reliability – Like most businesses, you more than likely rely on your emails to be working to be able to run your business efficiently, which is why it is so important to choose an email service provider that will be able to provide just that. With our Hosted Exchange Mailboxes, we provide 99.9% uptime – making it one of the most reliable email services on the market.

Email Hoarder – If you send and receive a lot of emails and need to keep them on file, you will need an increased amount of storage, otherwise you may find your mailbox becomes full very quickly, and you won’t be able to send or receive new emails. Our Hosted Exchange Mailboxes, on our UK servers also benefits from increased storage sizes ranging from 1GB to 125GB.

TOP TIP: Do you find yourself cc-ing or bcc-ing countless number of people in your emails? STOP! Many people don’t realise that email servers have limits to how many emails you can send in a day as well as how many people you can add to one email. Sending one email to more than 10 people can lead to your email address being classed as “SPAM” which is why you may find your emails aren’t sending or are going to their recipients Junk Mail. If you’re guilty of doing this, it is worth looking into an additional mailing system that allows bulk emails such as MailChimp.

For more information on our email services, or if you’re looking for some advice on what email packages would best suit your business, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help! Visit or email us [email protected]