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Pay As You Go

No Contract, No minimums, just pay for the support when you need us.

24hr Response

We offer a simple 24 hour response for our ad-hoc clients.

Cloud Services

we still offer our cloud services to ad-hoc clients.

Ad-hoc IT Support

With Ad-hoc support. We charge you for any work we do, when we have completed the task. There are no contracts and no monthly fees.Although you may not need a contract we can still supply you with our antivirus and firewall package giving you peace of mind. You can still use our remote support and our on site support assistance. You will just be billed for these services if you need us.

IT Support

Simple PAY AS YOU GO IT support for people who need occasional help.

Remote Support

As an ad-hoc client we still offer remote support to help you when your in need.

Cloud Services

Our cloud services are still available to all our ah-hoc clients.

Laptop Repair

We can help SPEED up your laptop as well as repairing all makes and models of Laptops.

PC Repair

We upgrade all makes of computers as well as repair all makes and models of computers.

On Site Support

If your technical problem requires us to visit you, it’s not a problem.